Been A Long Time
Written by Brian   
Saturday, 15 December 2007 19:00

rising from the depths of modor

 It's been a long time since this website was active. I wasn't planning on bring this site back, as I just don't have the time to update it.  However, with the recent activity surrounding the December show, I saw a need, even if only temporary, for the site.

As always, I try to make things easier to access than other more technical sites. Torrent, what's a torrent?  What's Dime? DaD?  TTD? PLG, TapeCity? Presence anyone? What the FLAC?!?  Normal people just can't figure out such things. They know how to click, maybe right-click, and hopefully enter an address in their browser. (yes, you up there with the glasses, don't forget that)

As of 12/16, there are thousands of people gaining access to the first few versions of the Led Zeppelin show. The show is NOT available here, but I did try to make the artwork available and easier to get. (just right-click on the thumbnails and "Save Link as...")


 As with most websites, there are a few ads on the site. This is basically to try to cover some of the expenses of the site, including hosting. It's hoped that our bandwidth doesn't go over any limits if too many look to get the artwork.  Bandwidth can be expensive (thousands of downloads), so if the Google Ads and links for Amazon bring in a few dollars to offset costs, great.

If, for some strange, unexpected reason there is a large amount made from this site, way past expenses, I'll make sure it goes to charity, or to the other websites that have made this historic show availalbe for download.


As seen on other pages here, there are links to Donate to the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund. If everyone who has a copy of this show donates just $5 to the fund, not only will it be a proper gesture, but it will also show the industry that we are willing to pay for our music (copy-protection free).


Donation page closed

It's been over a month since Led Zeppelin performed a great tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun.  Many of us were able to acquire a copy of the show, some of us with 10 different versions (from difference tape sources).   The donation page setup for their foundation was set to close Jan 23rd. Did you donate to the charity?