Over 14,000 downloads of Zeppelin show
Written by Brian   
Sunday, 16 December 2007 19:00

As of Dec-16, only 5 days since the first version (slowburn) of the Led Zeppelin show became available, the files have been downloaded a minimum of 14,754 confirmed times via different Torrent Trackers.

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And that is just for that one version, in FLAC format, as a torrent.  There are mp3 copies floating around, a couple other FLAC sources surfacing. It's a historic moment for file-trading circles and downloadable music.  Notice that all of these downloads are free of any copy-protection, and that a majority of people would have gladly downloaded an paid official version if available.

If you have downloaded or acquired a version of this 12-10-2007 Led Zeppelin performance, please donate to the charity they performed for: Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund - Click to donate.

Fundraising goal of Ahmet Ertegun education FundIf everyone donated even just ONE British Pound (about $2.50) for the previlige of having a copy of this show that you already have, the charity will quickly reach their small Goal of 5,000.  if just the first 14,000 downloaders donated that one pound, they would shoot right past their goal. Give.

Give. Donate to the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund.

It will send a strong message to the band, to the industry, and to the charity, that Led Zeppelin fans, and most music fans in general, respect the music and performers, and will gladly pay for downloaded music. and, it's the right thing to do.

Let's blow the top off their goal. 


Donation page closed

It's been over a month since Led Zeppelin performed a great tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun.  Many of us were able to acquire a copy of the show, some of us with 10 different versions (from difference tape sources).   The donation page setup for their foundation was set to close Jan 23rd. Did you donate to the charity?