Old Site Archive
Written by Brian   
Friday, 21 December 2007 19:00

I had a few requests for parts of the old site, as it did contain some fun stuff.

I found one of my backups with an old archive, so I'll check out what I have from the old site and see about putting it up on here.  I'll have to reconfigure a lot of those Hedgerow pages, since most of them were done a long long time ago, pre-2000, pre-Web 2.0.   Things were a little different back then for web design, dare I say a 'simpler' time.

No time frame, no promises. But the captions and whoopee cat (misheard lyrics) should return soon. 

Donation page closed

It's been over a month since Led Zeppelin performed a great tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun.  Many of us were able to acquire a copy of the show, some of us with 10 different versions (from difference tape sources).   The donation page setup for their foundation was set to close Jan 23rd. Did you donate to the charity?