Led Zeppelin Show Download
Written by Brian   
Saturday, 15 December 2007 19:00

I apologize for the title, for there is no download here.

However, there are a few sources of the Led Zeppelin O2 Arena show for the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund Benefit Concert.  If you have downloaded or received the Led Zeppelin show from 12/10/2007 (for the rest of the world - 10-Dec-2007), then please please please, donate to the charity they played for.

If everyone who has a copy of this show donates just $5 to the fund, not only will it be a proper gesture, but it will also show the industry that we are willing to pay for our music.

Current numbers show over 20,000 downloads of just the FIRST  source of the show (Slowburn).  If those 20,000 people donated just $5 to the Fund, it would be over $100,000 in less than one week!

Send the message loud and clear. For every copy of the show you get (as more sources are coming), do the right thing and donate another $5. Show the industry that you are willing to pay for DRM Copy-protection-free music at a reasonable price.

Currently, this show is breaking all download records, and no one server is making it happen. Instead, it is the whole user community using sharing among themselves this historic concert. Rest assured, that almost all of them will go out and buy the official release when it becomes available.

Show the industry that if high quality downloads were made available without proprietary copy-protection, that you will pay a reasonable price, and will shun the deadbeats that feel it's ok to steal the music.

 Remember, for each version of this show you get, do the right thing and donate to the Charity that Led Zeppelin performed for: Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund.


I'll post CD Art for the shows as I find them, however I do not have a copy of the actual show for download. 


Donation page closed

It's been over a month since Led Zeppelin performed a great tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun.  Many of us were able to acquire a copy of the show, some of us with 10 different versions (from difference tape sources).   The donation page setup for their foundation was set to close Jan 23rd. Did you donate to the charity?